Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How to Fix Embedupload Error

Just simply place ?d= where you see %7Bd%7 have no idea why its not resolving only solution i could find so the instated of

you shuld have
youll have this http://www.embedupload.com/d=0XWYWVCUII

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Just a few words from D.C

So i decided today to just do 480p WEB-DL for shows that has them until the site back to normal  instead wasting time doing HDTV then the WEB-DL so thins will be done in dew time so no need  to keep asking when this will be available of please do this only or please and this ONLY  under one circumstance is if i miss and show for that given day and please also check before asking if it actual got released by the scene in some cases it may come a day or toe later show packs like
13 Reasons Why
Marvels Iron Fist
they are downloaded but not enough time to actual do them so yes I'm aware of these.the last time i check i have over 200 episode to encode and thats just 720p so 480p would be the same amount and 1080p over 500 maybe a 1000 episodes by now